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Maria Calabrito

Maria Calabritto, registered Nevicella mattia, is the author at her first novel. She was born on 28th July 1972 in Oliveto Citra, a small town in the south of Italy. Her father, Renato, was a good-natured person and a hard-worker builder. Her mother, Gerardina, a dressmaker who was devoted to her job. Sewing was her calling. Nevicella shared her childhood with her brother Angelo whom is 2 years younger than her. The author has a degree in Law and works for the Public Administration. In her free time she writes and is fond of music and contemporary art. In fact, she composes symphonies and also paints lithographic work of art. She is married to the Lawyer Giuseppe and is a mother of two daughters, Ervelin and Ludovica.


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